How do I create a Digital Arms account and start trading NFT’s?

You’ll need a crypto wallet and digital currency (BNB) to start selling and buying NFT’s

  1. Install a crypto wallet – A crypto wallet, such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet, stores your BNB and processes transactions on the BNB Smart Chain Network. A unique wallet address will be generated for you, and you’ll use this address to complete transactions and setup your Digital Arms account.

  2. Purchase digital currency –

    • Buy BNB with Transak – Transak supports credit & debit cards, Apple Pay, MobiKwik, and bank transfers (depending on location) in 100+ countries. BNB deposits directly into your MetaMask account.

      Buy BNB with Transak

    • Buy BNB with MoonPay – MoonPay supports popular payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, Apple / Google / Samsung Pay, and bank transfers in 145+ countries. Tokens deposit into your MetaMask account.

      Buy BNB with MoonPay

  3. Swapping BNB for HNTR Token –
    • It doesn’t matter whether you’re on MetaMask Extension or Mobile, getting the tokens you want is only a few clicks away. On the main MetaMask application screen, look for a button marked ‘Swap’

      Swapping BNB for HNTR Token

    • First, choose the token that you have, that you’re willing to ‘spend’, using the drop-down menu at the top.
    • Further down, choose the token you’re interested in acquiring using the second drop-down menu.
      • You can search HNTR or add the contract address manually
      • HNTR Contract – 0x83451A4E3585FdA74FEb348Ad929f2C4cA189660
    • Adjust the amount of the first token up or down until you’re comfortable with the amount you’re spending, and the amount you’re acquiring.
    • At the bottom of the screen, there’s a “Review swap” button.

  4. Swap HNTR Token

    Why haven’t my swapped tokens shown up in my wallet?

    • As with all blockchain transactions, it’s not instantaneous, but you should see your tokens in your wallet soon. If they’re uncommon tokens, or for whatever reason they’re not showing up in your wallet, follow our instructions here to add them.