Welcome to our Gaming Partners page, a testament to our cutting-edge role in the transformative landscape of the gaming industry.

Digital Arms, bolstered by exclusive IP licensing agreements with world-renowned firearm manufacturers like Barrett, is setting the pace in creating a groundbreaking convergence of gaming, collectables and blockchain technology.


We’re not just building a network; we’re creating an ecosystem where NFT firearms aren’t just collectables, but integral tools that enhance the gaming experience across diverse platforms. Our rapidly growing partnerships with innovative game developers fuel the utility of these NFTs, forging an immersive, interconnected gaming community that’s never been seen before.

Our vision goes beyond the present, ensuring that our NFTs are not just valuable today, but also hold vast potential for future growth. The blend of high-profile IP partners and exciting gaming collaborations breathes life into our digital assets, making each NFT a dynamic investment. We are committed to a future where the line between digital and physical assets blurs, amplifying the thrill and authenticity of gaming.

Explore our partnerships, delve into the new era of gaming we’re pioneering, and witness the untapped potential your NFTs hold. With Digital Arms, you’re not just a collector – you’re a visionary investor and a dynamic gamer.

Reimagining the Future of Gaming: Metalands and Digital Arms Collaboration.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Metalands and Digital Arms are changing the landscape of gaming.

Leveraging our exclusive IP licensing agreement with Barrett, we’re integrating authentic digital firearms like the M82A1 and MRAD Barrett collections into Metalands’ thrilling PvP gameplay. This integration enhances player experiences with an unparalleled level of authenticity and elevates our NFTs as vital in-game assets.

Furthermore, our partnership extends beyond mere asset integration. Custom skins and accessories for these licensed digital firearms are set to debut, adding a new dimension of personalization and engagement for players. Additionally, we’re gearing up for collaborative tournaments featuring a plethora of prizes including tokens and exclusive NFTs, further enhancing the immersive gaming experience.


Massive open world: The game boasts a rich, diverse open world filled with resources, adversaries, and fellow players, making it an exhilarating and rewarding digital landscape.

Thrilling gameplay: With a wide array of weapons and abilities at your disposal, Metalands delivers a fast-paced, action-packed gaming experience that will keep you on your toes.

Unique NFT system: Its groundbreaking NFT system not only allows players to possess and trade in-game assets but also enhances their sense of investment and the potential for profitable returns.

Active community: Metalands fosters a vibrant, supportive community of players continually seeking to advance and enrich the game's environment.

Metalands is an enthralling PvPvE survival shooter game set in a progressive, expansive world. This cutting-edge platform not only offers players exhilarating combat scenarios but also merges gaming with blockchain technology through a unique NFT system.

As players traverse the sprawling in-game environment, they encounter a multitude of opportunities, including gathering resources, crafting items, erecting structures, and challenging other players in adrenaline-fueled PvP combat. The game seamlessly integrates its captivating gameplay elements with an innovative NFT system that bestows a tangible sense of ownership over in-game assets like weapons, armor, and land.

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In the expansive, resource-rich world of Metalands, players can construct their bunker from the ground up and manage its content, including showcasing their owned NFT collections. This fosters a sense of ownership and fosters deeper player engagement.

Join us in this shared vision for a future where digital assets push past their virtual boundaries, and help us create more than a game – a dynamic, interconnected gaming community. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer, an NFT enthusiast, or a visionary collector, experience the potential of your NFTs within the captivating world of Metalands, and be a part of this new era in gaming.

Joining forces with the innovative cloud-based game development platform, MetaEngine, Digital Arms embarks on a revolutionary journey to change the gaming landscape. Backed by industry investors and a network of blockchain partnerships, MetaEngine and its FPS gaming partners and network of developers will benefit from the IP-licensed firearm assets provided by Digital Arms.

Building a Unified Ecosystem

This collaboration aims to build a unified force in gaming, mutually strengthening the Digital Arms and MetaEngine ecosystems. We are working hand in hand to develop NFTs with direct in-game applications, providing a seamless integration of assets and enhancing the gaming experience.

Benefits of Collaboration

Our collaboration will unlock several key benefits:

NFT sales for weapons & soldier assets with direct in-game applications

A unified marketplace for trading assets across all games

Interoperable NFTs, empowering users to utilize assets across multiple platforms

Access to well-known weapon brands without IP infringement risks

Combined expertise, resources, and networks for a stronger gaming ecosystem

Building a Unified Ecosystem

Boasting over 20 years of gaming infrastructure expertise, MetaEngine is a cloud-based game development platform facilitating real-time collaboration among developers, players, and investors worldwide.

Its unique game engine, integrated development environment, multi-chain integration, and marketplace for NFT trading streamline the creation, publishing, and trading process. MetaEngine also offers comprehensive support for guild creation and management, fostering an engaging and vibrant gaming community.

A collaboration between Digital Arms and Netvrk takes the metaverse to new heights, integrating digital firearm NFTs for a heightened level of realism and interactivity. Built upon Unreal Engine 5, Netvrk creates a rich, immersive environment allowing users to generate, own, and profit from their personalized virtual experiences.

In addition to the firearm assets, our partnership also incorporates the already integrated Metamarnie avatars. These unique digital characters further enhance the gaming atmosphere, providing users with personalized virtual identities that they can use to interact with the environment and each other.

About Netvrk

Netvrk is not only a playground for a rapidly growing user base but also a hub for various businesses seeking to tap into new marketing vistas. Its offerings range from virtual stores and showrooms to sponsored events and advertising opportunities, providing brands with an unparalleled reach.

Netvrk is more than a metaverse; it’s a dynamic community where users can:

Design their virtual worlds: Users are equipped with creative tools to tailor unique buildings, landscapes, and even characters

Discover diverse worlds: Users can journey through a vast number of virtual realities, meeting new people and learning about different virtual cultures

Participate in vibrant events: From live concerts and parties to educational conferences, Netvrk hosts a variety of engaging events

Generate income: Users have the opportunity to create and sell NFTs or earn through in-game activities.

Our partnership with Netvrk not only places our digital firearm NFTs in the heart of this vibrant virtual universe but also brings to life the unique Metamarnie avatars, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Netvrk is the ideal platform for those looking to immerse themselves in a world where connection, exploration, and creativity are boundless.

Arsenal, an exhilarating 3D First-Person Shooter (FPS) game developed by Fabwelt. This partnership signifies the fusion of realistic digital firearm NFTs and an action-packed gaming environment, delivering a unique layer of excitement and depth to the gameplay.

Arsenal captivates its players with top-notch graphics, seamless performance, and the thrilling allure of competition. Through our collaboration, the authenticity of Digital Arms’ IP-licensed firearm assets will add to this riveting gameplay, providing players with a heightened sense of realism and ownership.

About Arsenal

Arsenal has garnered a vast user base owing to its captivating features and innovative use of blockchain technology.

In Arsenal, players can:

Engage in immersive, action-packed gameplay: Dive into the heart-pounding thrill of FPS tournaments and prove your prowess.

Experience high-quality graphics and smooth performance: Immerse yourself in a meticulously designed, high-fidelity gaming environment.

Leverage blockchain technology: Own unique and valuable assets within the game, thanks to the integration of NFTs.

Benefit from a Play to Earn model: Skill and performance are rewarded, allowing players to earn as they enjoy the game.

Participate in exciting tournaments: Compete against fellow players in challenging tournaments with attractive rewards.

Own unique and collectible NFTs: The game features exclusive NFTs that can be collected, adding an additional layer of value and intrigue.

The partnership between Digital Arms and Arsenal combines the thrill of competitive gaming with the potential of blockchain technology, creating a one-of-a-kind gaming ecosystem.

Whether you are an FPS enthusiast or an avid NFT collector, Arsenal offers a thrilling and potentially rewarding gaming experience.

A partnership, combining the realms of authentic digital firearm NFTs and a community-driven metaverse. This collaboration marks the convergence of creativity, ownership, and immersive gaming, elevating the possibilities within the metaverse landscape.

Dimenxion, influenced by successful games like Minecraft and Roblox, offers a unique experience and gameplay within its community-centric metaverse. Digital Arms, recognized as a leader in providing authentic, licensed firearm NFT assets, adds an extra dimension of realism and utility to this virtual universe.

Benefits of the Partnership

The synergy between Digital Arms and Dimenxion brings a multitude of new opportunities:

Integration of licensed firearm assets: Digital Arms' exclusively licensed weapons will be integrated into various games within the Dimenxion metaverse, thereby enhancing the gaming experience.

Cross-promotion of communities: Both platforms will leverage their combined user base to increase engagement, visibility, and user growth, promoting a stronger community ecosystem.

Joint game development and asset integration: This alliance fosters the development of new games and the integration of unique assets, creating a richer and more immersive metaverse.

Shared NFT marketplace: A joint marketplace will facilitate the buying, selling, and trading of NFTs from both Digital Arms and Dimenxion, further promoting the economies within both platforms.

Co-hosted events and competitions: Joint events, contests, and competitions will feature Digital Arms' assets within the Dimenxion metaverse, attracting more players and encouraging cooperative gameplay.

Integration of staking and rewards mechanisms: The partnership will enable the integration of HNTR tokens and other rewards mechanisms from Digital Arms, encouraging more user engagement and participation in both ecosystems.

Dimenxion, a metaverse offering an array of creative tools, enables users to build, play, learn, socialize, and connect with like-minded individuals. It promotes a sense of ownership — a remarkable facet of Web3, rewarding participation with NFTs and its in-game token, $PHOTON.

Our partnership with Dimenxion marks an exciting journey ahead, promising a unique and engaging experience that harnesses the power of both platforms. We look forward to exploring this new frontier in gaming together.